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Careers Aren't Forever, Anymore

As someone who has held four distinct careers by the time I'm 30, you could say that Careers are something of a special interest for me. I support grads, working on their first career, and those looking to make a change of career, or sector. If you're looking for support to seek progression in your current role, I'm not the coach for you.

Holding both an ILM certificate in Leadership, and having completed a sector-leading course, I also support women looking to move into their first leadership role, battling imposter syndrome, and getting your voice heard once you have a seat at the table.

If none of these options are what you are looking for, I also offer bespoke coaching, charged on a session basis. Please reach out to me on madison@kalechiconsulting.co.uk and we can discuss what might suit you best. 


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